Native trees - Saplings and semi-mature available:

Native trees for sale Rowan / Mountain Ash, Holly, Hazel, Silver Birch & White Oak. Carefully tended stock. Fresh from the foothills of Tourmakedy mountains. Small amounts can be collected or large amounts delievered.

Call for pricing.

We can source a large selection of hardy shrubs, trees, perennials etc in any sizeable amount for a reasonable price.

We can supply various stone mulches in an assortment of sizes, shapes, colours & textures, also bark mulch at wholsale prices. We can source a variety of sizes & types bulbs, herbaceous perrennials, shrubs and trees to order at very competitive prices. Specialist equipment hire eg. tracked woodchipper hire, tirfor winch hire, honda powerwasher, mini digger, dumper & hoist hire.

Items we are currently looking for:

  • Diesel Toro Workman c/w Tipping Body

Items currently for sale:  

  • No items currently for sale; Please check back soon.